Can I exceed the database limit?

Sorry for the ignorance, most likely it will be something trivial, but I can’t find a solution. My question is this: Can I exceed the 20GB database limit? I am creating an application, but I am sure I exceed the amount of GB of database, what will happen when the time comes? Will the application stop working? Will it no longer be possible to add items? Is there a way to budget this problem first and understand the cost of a larger database? Thanks in advance.

On the Adalo web page you can find the following note:

What if I need more storage?

If users on your app are sharing a ton of photos, videos, or files with each other, then at some point you might need to upgrade your app’s data storage so that you have more than 20GB that’s included in the Business plan. In that case, we’d be happy to add more storage to your account. Please contact us for pricing.


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Addition to what @RonDeveloper said,

Adalo will reach out to you when you are close to hit the storage for get a plan for your needs! And I believe the app will still work!

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Hey there! We will never stop your app from working for the end user, so don’t worry about that.

With that being said, 20 GB is a lot of storage, and we rarely have any customers who have actually used that much data.