Creating a group chat

hi I am currently dealing with a chat app and I am not really happy with the performance.
Anyway, does somebody know how to add a user to a current conversation?
I started with the chat template they are offered.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hello Marco,

There is an adalo tutorial that goes more into depth on how to use the chat app. This should explain more if you need any more help feel free to message I just add this chat feature to my app its working pretty well at the moment.

Hello Marco
I can help you here i have share some reference link it will help you

group chats is very convenient for people to come together and discuss privately on a topic. The limitations on member counts can depend on what purpose your chat application caters to.

This reference url not only for group chat it guide and techstack information also

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Hello @marco96

Hope you are doing good. ealier day i have answer your thread .still if you are looking 3rd party chat solution here i have shared best chat sdk provider with price ,features can check and share your thoughts