4 week online meetups for learning Adalo Integration


  • 4 week accountability meetups to learn Adalo integration
  • Do hands-on assignment before each meetup
  • During meetup we discuss on our hands-on experiences and answer other’s questions
  • $50 to join - which includes an expert Q&A to answer all our questions

Hi everyone!

I’m building my app using Adalo, but understanding the 3rd party integration part is a bit overwhelming. So I haven’t started my learning yet.

I think there would be many like me, so I’d like to start an accountability weekly meetup for learning Adalo Integration for 4 weeks. Basically this is to learn how to integrate 3rd party apps to Adalo’s, practicing by the materials given by Adalo:

Every week participants need to do hands-on practices by going through the 1/4 of the documents above. Then, during the meetup, we can discuss on our experiences and ask & answer to each other.

I’ll collect $50 for each person who joins, and use part of that money to recruit an expert who can answer our questions if we have unanswered ones after meeting.

Any one who wants to join this group?