Productized Service of Adalo's beginner help

Hi All,

I want to open a possibility to help other fellow Adalo’s makers, especially who are new and need a little help or nudge in the right direction.

This would be subscription based, but very cheap and affordable, like USD7 monthly (paid monthly), but I need to have at least 30 people to make this running.

For those who subscribe, they can ask questions regarding what they want to achieve in Adalo, such as how to make the right relationship in collections, put logic etc

Questions will be unlimited, but will follow queue and the most impactful ones will be prioritized.

Most likely there will be clone-able apps as the result of this, or revisions of the clone-able apps.

This service will be useful for non-technical maker and very new to Adalo, which need more guidance and initial examples on how to build apps.

The answers will be posted in this forum, so other non subscribers can read them too, but only subscribers can ask questions, and clone-able apps are for subscribers only.

For now, the topic will be limited to built-in components and functionalities that can be accessed via free-plan, so API and custom actions are considered intermediate topic that are not currently supported.

Let me know what you think, if this can generate momentum.


To make it more interesting,

Annual subscribers will get group chat template (2 clone-able app links, normal version and ultimate version) with value USD50 (template only)

Annual subscribers should pay USD7 x 12 months = USD 84, but for this month only, pay just USD50 (discount of 40%) and get bonus of Group Chat Template with value of USD50.

This is to attract beginner makers to get started quickly with their own needs which can be shared together with others that have similar needs, but still support the helpers.

This offer is only valid with minimum subscribers which is 30 people.

Call To Action

If you want to support this PSABH campaign that is willing to spare small amount of money and collectively join this acceleration, you can reply here or private message me to join the waitlist.


Getting the inside of example apps that can resolve issues, which many makers are struggling with.

Why this is needed

Getting private attention of experts can come in costly which is normal, because those times are not shared, but it can give more privacy to the issues at hand. So to reduce the cost is to join together collectively by contributing small amount of cost and having the issues resolved publicly with example apps.
Most of the issues that are popular if resolved together can bring ease of mind that there are active helpers out there that can be asked for further detail and further helping.

To help with small businesses that need online ordering using Adalo.

Here it is, presenting clone-able app that is part of PSABH (community-sponsored help).

Non subscribers can ask questions too regarding this clone-able app, but please provide comprehensive information and examples to save ourselves unnecessary back and forth responses.

PSABH comes in good faith and here is an example of it.

Just to add clarification, anyone (regardless subscribers or not) wants to build this online ordering can clone this app and ask questions regarding this, and not only the askers, other helpers too can join to give responses.

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Very interested. let me know how and when. thanks

Hi @lasource ,

I will put you on wait list once we have enough people to be minimum subscribers.

But in the mean time, I will be answering anything related to Online Ordering app which has been opened to be cloned.

This can be an example of how this service will look like and the more people join the better, and for Adalo, it means potential customers.

I have seen too many churned users because of not having clone-able apps to solve their issues, but at the same time, sharing them is not an easy task too, so hopefully this initiative will drive towards balance.

This online ordering app will be improved gradually to have more use cases, could be more than 1 version too, so this can stimulate Adalo’s usage in more practical real-life ways.

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Just a bump here,

If you need examples of clone-able app that can be used to confirm critical factors of your app, or if you are stuck on how to design database or applying workarounds, you can join the waitlist so the more people that want to join, the quicker this service will be realized and subscribers will get benefit from each other and get more clone-able apps that will become library to solve similar issues.