400 Bad Request

How can it be possible I get a 400 bad request? The action is only updating the user relationship.

Image 18

Every value I input to the action is valid (I can choose it within the app).

Image 19 Image 20

I’ve tried to readd the action, but it keep shows the same error. How to fix this?

Hi, it looks like the issue is you’re trying to add a user to this relationship, but the relationship in the database is between users and ideas. If it’s still incorrectly letting you choose user values for this, I’d recommend removing this property and re-adding it.

Hello jeremy, I’ve found that this issue only happens when I add a button inside a custom list that has a fixed position style (bottom).

When I remove that style, it’s back to normal again.

I don’t know that this issue is a bug or not.

Ahh, that makes sense. Anything that is fixed to the top / bottom but inside a parent that is not fixed will not actually render inside that parent, so that’s probably why it’s not receiving the current list item data. I’d either fix the whole list to the bottom or not fix the button.

That makes me found another interesting Idea. If I have a custom list that for each record (that has multiple components) that fit the whole screen, then I change its style to fixed bottom, does that will makes the user won’t be able to scroll to the next record at the bottom?

Because I need to make the user only can see 1 record at a time.

@jeremy I wasn’t have Airtable connection problems like this before, but now I’m getting the 400 error with the same settings as before.

@projectlinuxsupports fixing anything is like a pin so yes this will keep it from being able to scroll.

@bgschust are you having the same issue with the fixed button or a different error?

It was an issue with the Airtable collection connections. Not sure what you mean by fixed button. It seems to be working now, although I have not tried the linked field connection yet. Is that array working [“item 1”, “item 2”] to allow multiple linked records to be added to a field?

@jeremy thanks for fixing the connections. Will I be able to update categories (linked fields) later today directly to Airtable, and what format should I use for doing so (brackets, commas)?