Custom End Date Calculation

I am creating an app wherein I want to calculate the end date depending upon drop down value.

So, I have a drop down with options like 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, etc.
I have a start date field.
Now depending upon start date, I want to calculate the end date.
End Date = Start Date + Dropdown Value

I tried creating a custom form with dropdown’s and text fields, but the custom formula show “30 days from now” while I want 30 days from Start Date.

Also I want to show it to the user and allow him to edit it if he wants. So I can’t directly add it in the database

How can I solve this ?

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Current time or “start time” record parameter + 30

1 = 1 day.

For example, let’s say I want to do 30 days past the user’s created date:

Got it @Flawless

Just wondering is it possible to calculate based on which month it is ?

For eg, if start date is 22 May 2022, then 1month from now will be 22 June 2022 (not +30 days)

You asked for “+30 days” in your initial request so that’s what I had outlined.

Calculating +30 days is way easier than trying to figure out the month and calculating the next month’s date from there.

@Victor is quite skilled with the calculations, maybe he can chime in and help here.

Hey @Flawless, I want to show the end date to the user and allow him to edit if he wants to.
I have setup a text field and tried setting it’s default value to Start Date +30, but got the following result

Also, tried using a custom formula but yet didn’t get the desired results

What can be the solution to this ?

Hi @Nitish
I don’t think this is really possible for now or will ever be, as @Flawless said, is the only way to go.

You can use simple math as adding 30 days, this is out of the box. Using calculations with exact same day, would imply using Month calculations since every month has different number of total days. For my point of view and from my developer’s perspective, it is more wasted development cost and time in developing this than really added value in amount of users that would really need this.

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Hey, for me the math of date calculation is way above my head :open_mouth: :smiley: In all my apps that require Date Calculation my go to is Rapid API simple custom actions - Specifically a Date Calculator - Super simple to set up, but extremely powerful… For example this one (500 free calls per month then a couple of $) Date Calculator API Documentation (finrmsoft) | RapidAPI

Use GET edate. By simply adding +1 month in the variable, this will get you back the exact same day in the next month (+1 month the way you expect :slight_smile: My brain hurts at the thought of doing that manually :smiley:


Great information Keith! :+1: Thanks!

This is something that uses in excel ( =EDATE )! If there is a property for enter excel formulas and it’s a computed property this would be easy! :wink:

If we do this manually this would help!

( This is a post by Jeff that is one of the legends in the Glide Community! )

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