- A mechanism for users to block abusive users

Hi Everyone,

I’ve submitted my App to the App Store Connect and one of the reasons they rejected my app was that my users cannot block other users. I have the feature that my users can follow and unfollow one another but I cannot figure out how to have a user block another user from seeing their content.

Does anyone have a suggestion of how to do this? The app I am creating allows users to post a status of what they are doing. How could I make this so blocked users don’t see the status of someone who blocked them?

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I think experts will come to answer this and probably need to change the related templates as well.

But here my takes,

Create timeline collections for each users, and inside it there is blocked toggle, so we know creators (relationship to users) and timeline viewers (relationship to users, logged in user) cannot see that post.

This can make lots of records in that collection, yes, that is the idea, in technical term, it is called NoSQL concept which is duplication and it is a term that take off because of social media, which is what you want to accomplish.

But, I could be wrong, that is why treat this as an alternative path for your issue, and a wake up call to other term.

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