A question about the preview

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So I have a question with the preview in Adalo. So usually I’m previewing with Iphone 11. Then today I preview with Pixel 4 , Galaxy Tab and other preview options. But they are different.
When I preview in the tab the button is so long words are not aligned. But when I preview with Iphone 11 it’s so good.

What should I have to do for solve this problem or does this problem has to solved by the Adalo Team?:innocent:

Any help will be appreciated :star_struck:

Thank you :blush::blush:

Hi @dilon_perera could you send a screenshot?

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Thanks Patrick for replying :+1:

Yeah sure I will send a screenshot.

Here’s the screenshots Patrick.
iPhone 11 pro

iPad Pro

Galaxy Tab

Thank you :blush:

Hi Patrick :wave:

Any updates on this one? :innocent:

Thank you :blush:

Gotcha. What happens if you fixed the button to the bottom using the button’s Edit Styles menu?

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Wait I will try and let you know Patrick.

Same Patrick. The button is in the left side( Created with a rectangle and a text component)

Alrighty. Can you try to make sure that the button is in the very middle of the screen using the little red snap guides that appear? You can also DM me your app link and I can take a look

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Yes Patrick I will send the link of my app. Thank you.

Yes Patrick it’s on the middle

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