Aab fails due to Google Billing Library 3.0.0

Today we tried to upload our .aab to a closed testing release for android but the review failed with an error saying we are targeting an unsupported billing library. The changes that need to be made are in the android manifest.xml and the gradle file, but we do not have access to modify those files. Can someone please tell me how to fix this bug so we can get our beta testers a chance to test our app?


(update) I want to add that we have even removed all payment screens from the app to allow beta testers to use the app without restrictions and to deal with issues in setting up subscriptions and tracking them and we are still getting this billing library issue even though we have no payment screens set up.

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Hey @Mick

We’ve also been having issues with Android payments. We can upload our app to internal testing, but everytime we try and test the payments component our app crashes on Android. Not exactly sure what’s going on here, but hopefully we’ll have an answer soon.

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