Aab fails due to Google Billing Library 3.0

I need to upgrade to Billing Library version 4 or newer to publish my new version in google play. What should i do? Is it adalo working for solving this problem?

Hey, are you using the Subscription Beta Component or the iAp Component?

When did you create this build?

I had this issue a week ago but I think the Adalo team fixed this and was able to submit a build this week. Can you confirm that you have a new .apk or .aab in your track?

Im using in Android app stripe component. What should I do? My last version was in october. aab. Format

Try create a new build. Make sure only the latest .aab is in your track and see does it allow it.

I just created a new build in adalo, but does not work.

“We have detected that this app uses an incompatible version of Play Billing. Please upgrade to Billing Library version 4 or newer to publish this app”

Thats the message in play console

Yes, this relates to the iAp Component, not stripe from my understanding. Are you sure you dont have an iAp button somwhere?

In any case, unfortunately, you will have to submit as a ticket for this if removing iAp doesn’t work.

Ohh, now I understand. Im was using IAP hub component for this (and stripe as well), thats why. Im gonna try it and I tell you.

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