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Hi all,

I’m attempting to build an auction app and on the auctions tab, I want to filter to only include the top 10 items by likes. The premise is to have my users like products and then on Fridays or at a certain time of the day it locks the top 10 liked items and puts them up for auction.

I have a Purchased boolean and a count of Likes but not sure how to lock to the top ten…

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

So I think you could make a list that only shows 10 results, sorted by likes, then trigger an action using the Countdown Timer component in the Adalo Marketplace. The action would set records in a collection using the results of the variables at the time they were called and timestamp them.

Here’s resident expert @Victor showing how to use the countdown timer as a trigger.

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Awesome! Thanks for the video!

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Hi @lesliefenwick @parasocks
Just in case - I’ve published another tutorial reg. mass update of the values:

I upvote @parasocks suggestion. The only note - you will have to run this routine manually each Friday - there is no cron or similar tool in Adalo yet (cron performs tasks on schedule).
Theoretically, you could make some sort of automation, triggering this job to the user who first opens the app on Friday… but that’s probably over-engineering :slight_smile:

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