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I am a college teacher in France. When I proposed to my principal to subscribe to Adalo Pro, I didn’t know exactly what Adalo would count as an action. I’ve just discovered that each action of connection or navigation is counted. We’re about to start an experimentation with 330 students in our college. If each of them starts to navigate a little, we’re going to exceed the 30000 actions per month in few days. That is unacceptable. All teachers involved in the experimentation are volunteers. We’ve spent lot of time to create the apps. We can’t ask our principal to spend more money at the moment because it’s only an experimentation.
So, what is it possible to do ?
Thank you for your help.

Hi Alain,

I suggest to talk with the Adalo team about this case. You can Submit a Support Ticket for that!

More information about App Actions can be found here!

Thank you

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Hi Dilon,
Thank you for your answer.
I’ve just submited a support ticket.

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Hi @almo30 , I too will have a client who will have a large number of customers doing orders and the basic actions and navigation would chew up the total per month very quickly – even for the higher costing apps. Could you please tell me what your resolution was? Thanks, Mary

Hi Mary,
I’m not sure to understand your question. What do you mean by resolution ?
For the moment, we have no solution. We can’t ask our final users to limit their navigation. It’s non sense !
Let’s wait for the answer of Adalo’s staff !

any news about this?
new prices are crazy.


Hi Matias,
Nothing new.
Adalo didn’t answer to my ticket.

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