Acces to Button script - returns error

Hi, It seems I can t have anymore access to my Button’s script… :roll_eyes:

logoff relogged…still not accessible :man_shrugging:

I also already got this error with buttons, and even with screens…

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This keeps happening every week it seems. Maybe @David can help this time around too. This was the thread with similar errors last time:

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Can you provide the email for your account so that I can dive into it.

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Were you able to get your component error message solved? If not feel free to DM your account info and I’ll dive into it as well.

When it happened to me, I had to click elsewhere in the builder, and things were resolved.

Great. Typically that is a way to get around it, but a few of them are stubborn and inconsistent so if you see them let me know working to knock them all out!

:+1: thanks Ashley, I’ll let you know

Its back to normal … :man_shrugging: