Access Form Inputs

I have a form with a start datetime. I would like to auto-fill end datetime with form input (start datetime) + 1 hr. Form inputs is not available though. Form Inputs > All Screens > a bunch of grayed out screens. I’ve seen this with all forms. Has anyone been able to access Form Inputs?

I know I can add an update record, which adds 1 hr. This does not work for my use case though as I am kicking off a Zapier workflow, which only includes the data as of create. Not update.

Appreciate any help on this. Thank you!

@Dom The form inputs section the menus refers to individual input components. You could use them rather than a the full form component.

Hi @Ben - do we have any examples of this?

I need to essentially fill a value to be 1 or 0 depending on what a boolean is selected to be Yes/No

Any ways to achieve something similar?