Accessing a Device's Native Numbers-Only Keypad: Actions or Design Approach?

Hey, still finding my way around Adalo so please bear with me.

How do I “call” for a device’s native numbers-only keypad (e.g. when the user is entering a 4-digit verification code)?

Is this something that falls under actions/I need to set an action for that?

Or would I need to design a custom number keypad in Adalo and then do something about it?


I think this works automatically when you choose your input field as number instead of text.

Haven’t tried it myself, but worth a try!

Thanks @bhanu will try that.

This doesn’t work for me with the PWA on my testing device (an iPhone XR). I’ve got the field and the input both set to number but the user still needs to select the number keypad since it doesn’t come up automatically.

Is there something I’m doing wrong or does this not work?