"Action Cannot be completed" came out of nowhere

Hi - I searched through the forums and couldn’t get the information I was seeking. In summary:

Issue: A simple form page is not able to update the logged in user’s profile (simple form component)

I made 0 updates to the app last week

Permission: All fields are editable by everyone

Subscription Plan: Paid

Hi @sirlounge,

Do you have the password property in the form?

Thank you

hi @dilon_perera . Actually, removing the password field from the form resolved the issue. However, I am using simple form and there isn’t really a setting to configure the property for the password field. Any thoughts on how to still include the password field in the profile form or do i need to create a custom form? Thanks btw!

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I’m experiencing this issue when I have users “connect” with each other. It was working for about a year, but only now am I getting “Action Cannot be completed.” Not asking how i should fix this specific issue (b.c there is a lot to it), but would like to know what exactly has changed recently that’s causing these hurdles. Is it permissions?

I just tested that and I see that when updating the profile if you entered new values for every fields except the password you get that message! Maybe make a new screen for update the password or making the password field as required

If you trying to update other users profiles you need to change the Collections Permissions! The four properties that Adalo created has default permissions!

Ok i resolved the issue. I literally just deleted and recreated the same actions and it worked.