Action cannot be completed when creating a new record?

Hiya guys, been stumped with this one for a couple of days now, and I’m crying, uncle! Need an assist, please! Also, I did do a search prior

Here’s my Collection, and all I’m trying to do is create a new record (Chatroom) Any idea? Thx much


Even this cause the Action Cannot be Completed error… strange no? The minute I try to connect anything it explodes :frowning:

I recommend trying to fix this by deleting the action and re-adding the action. Not sure why, but sometimes it’ll work doing this.

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So weird in this case I had to actually delete the entire collection. It’s now working, thought I was going crazy :sob:

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i think this might be something to do with the permissions update that Adalo pushed out a while ago, I think it messed up all the collections and they need to fix it because I have the same problem with all of my collections and I will have to restore the collections from backup