Error creating collections


Since yesterday it is not possible for me to create collection. Yes I can create manual collections. But when i preview my app and want to create (for example) a listing. Than it says ‘Action cannot be completed’. There where no problems before. Updating or deleting a collection is no problem. But with creating every collection in my database is a problem

Anybody else has the same problem?

It looks like a bug to me

Hi @Essie,

Are you on a free plan? Did you reached your action limit? Can you try deleting the create action and adding it again?

Thank you

I did delete it and add it again. But im indeed on a free plan. Is that the problem?

If you are on a free plan what you see in here?

You are totaly right.

I did have a free plan. I did pay my subscription and the problem is solved.

Thank you for your fast response!

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Awesome! Happy Building!