Action Doesn't work

Hello, guys!

I have a simple problem I have to update actions on Current Cargo and Current Transport. It works normal. But when I add new relation (second opposite relation between cargo and transport) it updates current cargo and doesn’t update current transport at all

Do you know the solution?

i think i know where you are coming from, but just to be sure:

You try to update 2 collections at once with only 1 input, right?

Not with input but on click on one button

sorry i meant, once you click on your button, you want “a piece of data” to be sent to more than 1 collection at the same time, right?

No only current transport value. So it’s only one piece of data

right, sent current transport value to multiple collections at the same time?

It’s last input

right, i have the same problem.

I am trying to send the same data to multiple collections and it doesn’t work. i am looking into API right now.

It doesn’t make sense that you shouldn’t be able to do that, but maybe it is the way ADALO is coded.

if i get it to work, i’ll let you know, if you do 1st, let me know

Ok, sure

just found this…watching his other videos

Did it help you?

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