Action every 1 min?

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can I have the ability to achieve it ( action every 1 min)?


Hi @ahmedalnaqa !! :wave: :wave:

Same action or different actions. I think you can do with that the countdown component.

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Same Action

I try the countdown but not repeat just wat 1 min then trigger action and finished not repeat again.

What is the action did you set?

Is it a update action?

yes, but what every the action the problem in repeat it… or do u have other idea

Ok so you want to repeat the update action everytime 1min passes?

Am I right @ahmedalnaqa ?

yes, this is the main idea

Hi @ahmedalnaqa,

You can do it via 2 countdown timers and visibility conditions. I.e. both of them are conditionally visible based on logged-in user t/f property, one is visible when it’s True, another when False; each is set to 1 minute and changes the property to True or False respectively. And both do the action which is needed.
Another option could be possible to have it with 1 countdown, similar to what’s described here: Is it possible to Autosave input? - #3 by Victor - this approach uses the semi-documented feature that on-screen-enter actions perform each time after some button is pressed (and countdown actions work in similar way).

Please note though that these methods are executed on client side, and when user closes the app - they will stop working. Also, you can’t really rely on the precision of these methods - it will not be exactly 1 minute every time, as actions also take some milliseconds to execute.

If you’d like to update some DB properties on a regular basis, I’d start looking at some 3rd-party server solutions - could be Integromat (though for 1 minute updates it will be very expensive) or others.




Thanks, victor i did the first idea and it’s a sample and good…
thanks again

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