Is it possible to Autosave input?

I have an input on a page and I want it to automatically bind and save the value whenever it’s changed. Is this possible? I don’t want to put a save button on the page.


If you’re transitioning from one screen to the other after input, this is possible to create an update action before moving to the next screen (no need save button). But if you’re looking to save the input value as soon as it is typed without any action, I don’t think it is possible in Adalo today.

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Hi @raquelmsmith,

As @bhanu have already replied, there is no built-in way to save the value in the input.
However, there is a possible workaround for this - you can do it with the help of some Adalo features and marketplace component Countdown Timer.
Please see the video I’ve made how to do it:

I would advise to use this method with care; I don’t know what will happen reg. app speed if you have say 20 inputs set up like this :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

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