Adalo Android Build Errors

My Adalo app was building fine for android and I have been testing it through Play Store internal testing. Since yesterday, multiple builds are failing with the error "ERROR RETRIEVING FILE: " and it shows all the images used in the app along with this error message in the log.

I’ve already submitted a support ticket but I’ve been told it has been referred to the Technical Support Engineer.

So anyone else facing this since yesterday or has experienced similar in the recent past ? Looking to hear from you because I’m not sure how long it will take support to find the issue.

Screenshot 2022-06-22 151958

Either adalo fixed something or there’s an issue with the QR Code scanning component. I removed the QR Code Component and the build was finally successful.

The problem is traced, its in the QR Scanning Component. Anybody knows how to connect with the person or team which made the QR Scanning Component ?

Looks like this issue is not solved or happening again :face_with_peeking_eye: : My Andriod Build Gets Stuck with an error log - #2 by iAppsNi

I believe the Team who created this component is Intellbits!

You can contact them form their website :

And also try Submitting a support ticket too!

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