Adalo backoffice can't load

Hi everyone
I have some problem to load adalo app in my browser Firefox.
i wait many hours but nothig and i cannot edit my apps.

Please any issues ?

Hi @Fanfan83,

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This question has discussed in many topics. Here are some things that you can try! : I don't have Adalon open - #9 by Yongki ( posted by Yongki! )

Also give a try for Brave and try sign-in out from Adalo and sign in again!

Hope this helps!

Thank you

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i have tried this but still cant load

Adalo gave a update for this editor loading! Check here : πŸš€ Launched: Improved Editor Performance

Did you try singing out from Adalo and signing again? Or try to access after clearing your cache? Or with a VPN?

One thing I noticed is don’t switch tabs until the app loads :slightly_smiling_face:

If you still experiencing this issue I suggest to Submit a Support Ticket!

Hope this will solve soon for you!

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