Adalo bug or How to retrieve a list with specific filter

Hi there, I’m new in Adalo so can be not aware of some tricks here. I got such an unpleasant case.

I have two tables Users and Items. Users has Favorite property which is related to Items (Users in Favorite for Items) as m-m.

On a page, we got the list of Items where the user can check them as favorites that populates the Item in Favorite property. On the next page I display a list of Items which match the filter:

All Items + Custom filter (Current Item > Users in Favorite, Contains, Logged in User)

which means I need those checked favorite items from the previous page.

And I retrieve them, but not all…For some reason, the oldest records of Items are not displayed, but at the same time bit younger records are displayed as well as new ones:

It seems a bit buggy, correct me if I’m wrong. Actually, my final goal is to retrieve items that are not in Favorite property what I thought I’d get from the filter:

All Items + Custom filter (Current Item > Users in Favorite, Does Not Contain, Logged in User)

Thanks for your thoughts in advance!

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Welcome to the forums @flashag

Without some more details of how you have set things up and without seeing the actual properties of those records it’s hard for me to troubleshoot where this may have gone wrong.

The filter system with Adalo is robust and any errors in filtering are often attributed to incorrect setups or missing relationships within the data.

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