Possibly easy, but difficult for me: getting a specific record from a collection!

Hello everyone! I imagine my problem is a 2-minute thing for a pro :slight_smile: But I cannot figure it out for whatever reason. Any help would be appreciated!

So my situation is the following:

  • I have an Event (“Birthday Party”)
    • This event has multiple users (party guests)
      • who in turn each have a different role at this party (Guest, Organizer, Birthday Child etc.)
  • On the birthday party page I want to retrieve and display the birthday child’s photo (it’s tied to his/her user profile)

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to do this. My logic would be, in the image source > Database, to search for the role “Birthday Child” and then look up the user who has that role, then display that user’s profile pic.

I have had this issue or similar in some capacity in different areas of my app.

I’m fairly new to Adalo and used to other app builder tools. It might be as simple as me not knowing where to do a query like this. How can I do such a lookup in Adalo??

Hi @challengers,

I would advise to use Lists here.
For example: on Screen1 you have a list of Events (may be with some filters). By clicking on a particular Event, you get to Screen2.
On this screen you will have an access to Current Event. And you can create a list of Users (say, Name + Photo), filtered by Current Event, with an additional filter by role = Birthday Child. As a result you will be able to display this user’s properties in the list, including his/her picture.


Yes perfect, I think that’s exactly what I need! Thanks :slight_smile: I knew there had to be an easy way to do this

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