How to make a complex custom filter based on logged-in user's values

Hello everybody.
this is my first video tutorial on ADALO.
Forgive my bad English and I hope the video will help you.

I often found myself having to have multiple lists of the same collection with different filters on the same page in order to be able to create more complex filters.

Then playing with the visibility of the same lists, it was possible to obtain the desired result.

Generally these problems arise when you have to filter the results of a list on at least two values that are specific to the logged in user.

They are not values that belong to the collection we are interested in, but they are external values and therefore, when applied together, we are forced to use multiple lists.

In the video I explain, or at least I try, to show a method that allows you to filter the results of a single list, using a particular Custom Filter based on logged-in users parameters.

I hope it is something new and useful to someone.