Adalo builder crashes due to Admob

I have a come accros a serious problem (BUG) trying to integrate Google Admob in my app. After adding the credentials for a Google Admob Banner, the following happens:

  1. The previewer (via preview button) crashes - shows a blank screen.
  2. The previewer (via share button) crashes - blank screen on my own device.
  3. Worst of all, two minutes after this the complete build app structure (all screens) disappear!

I am really shocked and dissapointed at the moment… Especially since I went Live on Google Play yesterday… Which is now no longer the case.

Is there someone who has a positive experience with integrating Google Admob with Adalo? I am also waiting for a response of the staff, but as you can imagine any type of information (user story) that confirms that this is just a temporary glitch would be appreciated.

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