Problem when I send a message to another user


I’m a beginner on Adalo and I’m developing my first application. It’s a dating application.

My problem is that when I send a message, my message is not sent and I don’t know why. I filmed my screen :Video screen

Do you know why it does this to me?

Thank you very much for your answers,

See you soon

Did you check out the prebuilt Adalo Chat App? It might help you figure out the problem with your app, you could just copy & paste the components in your dating app.

I would recommend him to watch tutorials it really helped me when I had the same issue and same beginner times, I miss those days!

Thanks James that’s what I did but I can’t find my mistake…


No problem! :slight_smile:

You could watch the following tutorials on the chat app or submit a support ticket if none of the tutorials work.

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