Adalo 'Chat' Template

Just learning the software and have a question regarding the Adalo ‘Chat’ template. I clicked the ‘Forgot Password’ button just to ‘look under the hood’ to see how it works. The link works and takes me to th eusual page where it asks for your ‘email’ address. But here is my question: If you ‘expand out’ the template canvas to see all the ‘screens’ - you will see (9) pages. None of these (9) pages are the ‘resend email’ page. Yet when you PREVIEW and click on it the ‘Forgot Password’ button - it does in fact link to a page. so…‘where’ is that page? Thanks, Dennis Mahon. Charlotte, NC

Thats not a page, that’s a feature action adalo provides us, you can’t edit it.

I meant to say 'thank you; for your response the other day but then forgot. I should be more respectful. I apologize. Thanks for your info, I genuinely appreciate it.

@B0untiful_26 is right in that this feature is provided out of the box and can’t be edited. It would be beneficial for us builders to be able to personalize both the screen but also the email that is automatically sent to customers.

Because the email sent is generic, it is not using any branding we might have for our app and may cause confusion to our audience.