Adalo crud customize message

Hi, im working on app so I will write a lot on this forum for a while :slight_smile:
i have connected the app to my external collections, so i can use the crud but i want to customize the error message if the action cannot be completed.
is possible do something for this?
I would like to point out that I create the endpoints for the collections so I can customize the response in case of error, just let me know if it’s possible show a custom message instead of the default one that in addition to being generic is English
(the app will be in Italian)
thanks as always to all

any news? is there any doubt about my request?

Hi @FabioAdaloC,

I don’t think that it’s possible to customise built-in messages in Adalo, with few exceptions.
Just to clarify - could you please share the screenshot of the message you mean? There are some places (e.g. forms) where messages could be customised.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @Victor,

I want to customize this message:

it will be great to return a custom message from my endpoint, for example an error message in italian, or the error cause (in this case becouse all the fields are empty)

Hi @FabioAdaloC,

Ok, understood. I don’t think it is possible at the moment. May be Patrick @pford could give a hint - as I remember he had some info about localization projects before.

Best regards, Victor.

Is this on a PWA or a native app? If it’s on Native, all errors are localized automatically so this would be a bug. If it’s just a PWA, nothing is localized so this would not be a bug and not possible to customize the message unfortunately.

in the screen the app is in preview but it will be in native