Adalo custom action logic on fail

Hi All,

I couldn’t find this anywhere. I’m wondering how the action sequence works when a custom action fails.

The user clicks a button to send an order.
Action 1 → Custom Action (create order record)
Action 2 → Custom Action (send order record to POS)

What happens when Action 1 fails (e.g. 500 error)? does action 2 execute regardless?

Hi @BackL,

It seems that the flow continues.

I’ve created a test in Integromat: webhook + webhook response, and changed a return code to 500. While setting up the custom action, of course 500 response didn’t allow to do that, so I changed it to 200 temporarily, and after saving the action to 500.
Then, after setting up the action in Adalo, I added two more actions to the button. Both of them worked with the response 500.

I’m not sure if this is intended behaviour, so it would be great if someone from Adalo can clarify this question. @Colin @ben1 could you advise please?

Best regards, Victor.

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Thanks, @Victor.

I feel perhaps error handling hasn’t been taken into account here. I feel it’s important/necessary to be able to handle when an error occurs rather than continue processing and possibly cause more issues.

Hopefully, the team at Adalo is working on this or already has a solution.

Regards, Carl.

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