Adalo Custom Action - Posting Dates Issue

Hi guys,

I am currently building an Adalo app that allows our company to scan QR codes from equipment and add them to jobs. Our “master” database is an in house version of Filemaker.

We have already created and updated Adalo collections with the necessary records to create this feature.

However, in order for us to change information from job to job, once the item is scanned the user must press an action add button.

Linked to the button I have a custom action that creates and posts information to a different collection, which filemaker is scanning for every couple of minutes to see if new records are added to change specific equipment’s job status.

My custom action posts data properly when testing it with dates, but does not post a new record when sending data through inputs to the date variables in the preview emulator. When I take out the date & time data type inputs, the action posts data through custom action inputs in the preview emulator no problem.

I have tried a handful of different things to no avail. Has anyone experienced this issue before, if so, is there a fix?

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