Hi all!!! is there anyone who has experience with filemaker and adalo integration? i would like someone to help me integrate filemaker with adalo please…

Hi @Adafile

I guess @AXIOM is an expert in this!


Yes, I have experience with this. What do you want to achieve?

i have a filemaker database deployed on filemaker server 19. i want to connect my adalo application with this database in order to use some collections. This is a school database: I would like students to be able to check their payment receipt.
The most difficult part is the connection with the api, a scheme step by step will be very appreciated

Hey, these things are a little tricky indeed. I have not managed to connect a filemaker table as an external collection so far, but there is workarounds.

Do I understand correctly, that the only thing you’d like to do is to query a staturs for a specific user?

I see that, instead i link the external collection, can i create a custom action so that the student can retrieve data from filemaker?
If yes: please share with me the api parameters scheme so that i can follow. I better try but not successful

Hello, still need your help

Hey there, I am sorry but I can only reply on Monday. I am rather busy during the weekend with family stuffs. :slight_smile:

What you can make sure in terms of preparation is, that you configure our filemaker server properly for the use of the Filemaker API / REST. Filemaker has good descriptions in their Knowledge Base regarding that. Talk on Monday!

Ok thank you so much
But the only thing i wanted was the header and parameter of the api while configuring the custom action

You will need a user in your filemaker database that has the persmissions you’ll need. In your case I’d suggest a read only user for the one table where you store your payments.

Then you will have to get a session token via the API. This is done by login that user in, the response will have the session token from your server. Please note that these token expire after 15 minutes.

Then you will have to create a layout in Filemaker. This is the foundation of your work within the filemaker database. Please note, that only fields that you have on the layout can be accessed. This is a security feature. So be sure you have all the fields on the layout.

The trickiest part might by to identify the correct record, I think :slight_smile:

Hey @Adafile did you manage to connect your Filemaker?

Thank you so much for asking!!! Did it pretty well but instead having one record from the json i would prefer get all, i can’t do it. It’s ok

Try this:


Every record in filemaker has (independent from your own usage of UUIDs / IDs) a seperate record ID the easiest way would be to permanently store this numerical ID in the Adalo User. Then you can simply access by ID by using the Adalo magic text and dont have to filter and sift through thousands of records.

Hope that helps.