Adalo Down? All it is saying is not found

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None of my Apps seem to be working right now. Is Adalo Down?

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I have the same problem.

Same issue - all apps “not found”

Same. This is huge. What is going on?

Same, PWA isn’t working, but native apps yes…

Yes it’s down for me too in PWA. Submitted a ticket but everyone’s work is stalled. We use it for our internal coordination :frowning:

I rolled out my Airtable-connected app to my internal team after waiting for around 9 months. The last time I rolled it out, people complained it was very slow and did not load. It’s still slow with Airtable, but after working so many hours on this, and launching it internally today, this happens again. We’re back to using Airtable’s views for now till this gets sorted out :frowning:

FYI this is what’s showing in my desktop. I’ve submitted this same image to support

Getting the same error on my production site.

Does anyone know if support/helpdesk is even available on the weekends and/or at this hour? Concerning there isn’t a “we’re on it” yet.

According to their performance update several months ago, for outages like this the senior management gets a notification when there’s a server overload or something. I’m hoping they’ve been notified this time around too

OK it’s back for me now. Is it working for everyone else too?

Back up for me as well

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All back now as far as i can see

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Alright. Guess I need to configure site monitoring with an external service. I’ll search the forums to see if anyone else already has a great option to recommend.

Is there going to be some official closure to this? What happened, why, and what is being done so it doesn’t happen again?

Related question, why does the status page not show this event? If a 32-minute full front-end outage doesn’t make the cut for being included on the status page then what is the criteria? I’m on the platform. I like it a lot. It brings value to me. That doesn’t mean incidents such as this can just be glossed over with the very short email I just received from the helpdesk.

Thank you.

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Most of the team is not online on the weekend, so if it got fixed by someone on the team they didn’t put it on the status page because they were worried about fixing the issue then putting it on the status page.

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I’m not sure that explains why the incident still isn’t listed at this time. That page lists past incidents and doesn’t include this.

Would love to have my other questions answered as well but I just posted that and I know everything has a priority. Eagerly awaiting an official response.

A few months ago Adalo had a severe outage and my app lost all its rules. To make it worse I saw someone else his app. My app was gone and instead the system showed someone else his app every time I logged in. I contacted customer support and explained everything. To make the story shorter Adalo told me that I had to start over again. (I had Worked on my app for months!!! And it was almost finished!!!) To compensate me Adalo gave me one month free subscription (of you can call that a compensation) Ever since I haven’t been able to build my app again because I have lost trust and motivation. Adalo needs to know that the users have dreams and goals too!!! Take our hard work and dreams serious because we relly on your system!!!

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