ALL of Adalo's PWAs are down

Please can someone reach out. I am even visiting other people’s apps they have published here and all of them are down. Status page still says everything is alright. We’re in big trouble in my company right now.

Can confirm that mine aren’t working. What a disappointment.

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I have sent a support ticket, but typical @adalo - we wont’ hear anything or get any feedback until its all a distant memory… then there will some sheepish post somewhere :roll_eyes:

Oh god that’s bad! Try opening a ticket?

Hey @ppvaldes @mbl79 @dasuksta @B0untiful_26 sorry you’re having some problems here. We had a short intermittent loading issue this morning where some PWAs were loading sometimes or only after a refresh but that was fixed earlier.

We’re not seeing any global issues with all PWAs (and the ones that I just tested are loading fine on my end). Would you mind refreshing the app and then if it’s still an issue adding your links here so that we can take a look?

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Hello, I would like to point out that the webapp isn’t responsive and not great! UIs overlapping, and more!:confused:

Hi David, thanks for your answer. From 8:30am to 2pm there were times sometimes up to 20minutes where we couldn’t load any of my apps (12 of them) and tried with any PWA app published in the showcase section and got the same. Today was the release of the platform for the doctors I work for just at 9am so you can imagine the awful day we had. I created backups, changed domains, bought new domains overseas, tried VPNs. I will post here the main domains that are most important to me right now but again, this happened with at least 20 PWAs. That wasn’t just a refresh, it had to wait a lot. and would only come back for a couple minutes then go again.


Same symptoms here, the same time. This has also impacted the app preview within the Adalo Editor. There were errors such as app does not exist and alike. For many hours the previewing in the editor and PWA apps were not usable.

I have opened a ticket now with all screenshots:

(the white rectangle has been added to hide the content of the app that is in development)

Hello, i have the same problem on all of my application.

Someone have some news ?

@David I have this problem this yesteday. It’s a big issue for my business :confused:

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Hi Everyone,

It does appear that we are experiencing an issue again. I am currently monitoring the situation and logging all relevant info ready for our dev team to tackle this issue as soon as possible.

Please visit our Adalo Status to get the latest info on this issue.


i’m very disappointed with adalo … when rushing the app to my investor the apps were down … this is bad because i lost the investment … all i did was waste of time … i want the plan canceled and my money back

Same issue… it doesn’t matter how many new features are added to Adalo - if there are stability issues and servers going down, I simply cannot trust Adalo to develop on. If you want to be taken seriously as a platform to develop on then these fundamental problems need to be resolved aswell as much faster support turn around… 24-48hours is very very poor in the tech world. Any server issues with my current providers I get them resolved on a live chat - it’s about time Adalo do the same.


Hey Everyone. Our dev team was able to resolve the issue and we’ve also upgraded our servers.

Our team is currently conducting a deeper dive into everything that happened this morning and working on more alerts & safeguards to ensure that this does not happen in the future. That will be our #1 priority today.


That is a current issue from Adalo in PWA. I suggest you create the backoffice with a different tool for now.

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Same happening today… last work I did does not appear in preview, also some screens shows white…

Hello, please be patient until adalo fix it!

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