Anchor to bottom?

How do I anchor an object to the bottom, so I can set its distance from bottom and whichever device it is view upon, it maintains that distance from the bottom of the device screen?

Some older videos/docs appear to reference anchoring to bottom - but I can’t see it with the current UI and it’s LAYOUT tab?!?

You can turn the button into a group and press ‘style’ at the bottom of the group.

Hi Ryan @raldred,

Did you try to use “Sticky while scrolling” setting? It has similar functionality.
If you would like to maintain fixed distance from the bottom, you can put a “spacer” rectangle touching bottom of the screen and the other element. If another rectangle “touches” it or somehow connects with it, it will maintain the distance.

Otherwise the distance will be proportional. I’ve made a couple of screenshots for you:

New responsive features still require trial-and-error approach :slight_smile:


Hi, unfortunately I am experiencing the same problem. In the new version of Adalo, the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ settings for anchoring elements are missing. It would appear that it is necessary to activate the ‘Sticky’ function when scrolling.

Is there a solotion for that now? It seems that its required for show a bottom sheet while clicking on something