Adalo hidden key feature!

Ok, I am joking, it’s not that hidden but it is, for sure, a key feature!
I told once that I am having a lot of fun trying to implement a complex tv, podcasts, and radio streaming app with Adalo, and well, I am getting there. So today, after completing everything possible within Adalo, I decide to do some research about Adalo’s component marketplace and how I could make my components, and that my friends were a big surprise. While developing, I can test my react-native components and also my entire app in iOS Simulator, in real-time. I mean, that was something I needed through the app development process. Been able to customize and interact with some native functionality was another fact that positively surprised me. If you, like me, are a UI Designer that knows enough code to be dangerous, try the Adalo Developer Tools! It will open another dimension to your Adalo experience.


Are you able to edit you actual app outside of the normal drag and drop?

Only native iOS platform (Swift, SwiftUI, Xcode, etc for iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, etc…). But since all the projects here in Brazil have a very little budget I will have to learn this web *&ˆ%$$#. I didn’t want to learn js for using react-native just because of Android but…Platforms like Adalo, Thunkable, and Bubble will never, ever deliver the same performance and freedom as real native code, even react-native is far away from delivering the same user experience as native components, actions, and interactions.