Moving from adalo to custom build

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have experience moving from adalo to a custom built app?

Id apprwcuate any help. Thanks.

I would love to hear more on this topic as well. I have built an incredibly powerful business management app with this tool, but the performance issues & ongoing glitches have me searching for other options. I have invested close to a thousand hours developing my app, of which I’d say about 50-60% is actual productive “app building” time, and the other 40-50% is “rebuilding due to unexplainable bugs/workarounding poor functionalities/troubleshooting nonsensical glitches” time. Things had been going OK since launch about 2 months ago, but the performance of the app gets worse and worse by the day as my few (~10) employee-users add more and more real-world data and records to the app. It’s terrifying to have invested so much into this product, only to see it teetering on the verge of collapse… Performance and stability were supposedly “priorities” for 2022, so I had gambled on that promise and committed myself to Adalo. But, here we are halfway through the year, and things are only getting worse from a performance and stability standpoint. I’m thinking I may need to start looking for a ripcord to pull…

I built a Radio Network (multiple stations and podcasts) app first in Adalo, but then ported it to fully custom React-Native. Overall, I was disappointed with the audio controls for live streaming in adalo, in addition, I wanted to be able to move around the app and have a persistent “drawer” with the radio player at the bottom of the app while the user navigated. Plus, I wanted native radio controls, none of that I could get with the Adalo app.

It took me several months to learn React Native, but I have some former php programming and some javascript experience so the learning curve wasn’t terrible. I started by just watching YouTube videos.

@tbtilton and @ncmarc and @Tami

Totally get moving to custom built apps after proving an MVP with Adalo, but we have to give Adalo credit where credit is due. They have build a pretty comprehensive application that is ahead of its time. A couple years ago building an app like this was impossible. Now it’s possible and it’s not going to have every functionality, and solve all our problems. But its a pretty good start if you ask me.

Also, using your app as a scope to pass on to another developer is what I would do, then you can just discuss the other parts you need to add etc etc.

I think there’s plenty of credit due to what Adalo is, theoretically, as an application. It blew my mind when I first started building with it. I was able to easily integrate our CRM & other IT systems with the new comprehensive management app using Zapier/Integromat, and it is incredibly powerful. It honestly does just about everything I’d need from a functional standpoint (once you learn the workarounds). The problem is that once you’ve built something… it just… doesn’t work. The insanely bad performance, slow load times, laggy screens, glitches and crashes make the apps that are created with this amazing tool functionally useless unless you can coach your user base on how exactly to interact with the app so it doesn’t freeze up, what to do about crashes, how to be super patient and just give it 30 seconds to load sometimes, etc. etc. I had read all the gripes and complaints about poor app performance on this forum while I was building, but I wanted to believe it wouldn’t happen to me - After all, things would just “work” in most of my tests in the previewer and whatnot. However, as the app got more rounded out and closer to completion, things just started going downhill. And, now that it’s in full use, it seems to be getting worse all the time. I am still grateful for the power of the app I’ve created. It’s basically managing my company for me. But, as the days go on, my users get increasingly disgruntled and I’m afraid if it gets much worse we’ll have to abandon some or all of the app.

The payroll processing part of my app has become so non-functional that I’ve already abandoned it and am rebuilding it as a web-app (in Adalo) that shares the database. The web-app so far seems to perform better for the payroll-processing function. But, if I just start having to slowly dismantle and rebuild all of the functionalities of the app, where will I be? Is this really the end game for Adalo users? Like, What am I supposed to do? They’ve given me an incredible toolset to build amazing things, yes, but then it feels like the rug is pulled out from under me when what I’ve built can’t actually “run”…

Is there a marketplace or some way to find a good developer who can go through an Adalo app and sort of “clone” it into an app (native or web) that will run better, or be able to be run on our own (or some faster/better) servers?

Yeah I get you!

Unfortunately I don’t know of any people that do that kind of cloning. Maybe an expert could help, I know that some of them have experience in traditional app development.

Thanks for the comments everyone but I’m actually hoping to get answers on how to update my adalo app on the play store to a custom built app, transfer of user data, helping users update their app etc.

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