The Component Marketplace 2.0 is live 🎉

Here it is! The announcement we’ve been counting down to for the entire month of March!

The Component Marketplace 2.0 is live :tada:

We’re launching over 25 new components that will make your Adalo app slicker, faster, and better than ever before!

Here’s what’s so awesome about the new marketplace:

  • Use filters to find free or premium components
  • Support third-party developers
  • Demo components before buying them

If you’d like to sell components on the marketplace, this is your chance! Showcase your work and get paid for it :money_mouth_face:

Check out the component marketplace and tell us your favorite one in the comments :point_down:


This is great. Much needed for expanding component development. Can’t wait to see improvements to it down the line (would love to see a ratings/review feature).


very good work! Just a little disappointed that there are no new free components


Thank you for your work, component developers!


Are Adalo continuing to improve their core product with out-of-the-box features/components or have components and new updates completely moved to a gamer “DLC” model now?


I think this is an amazing new initiative and definitely the right direction for Adalo. However, I must say, the component prices are absolutely ridiculous. I was expecting to be able to pay around. Some of them are so basic, yet charging $15 - bearing in mind thousands of people are gonna want this functionality. Let’s say 5,000 users purchase and add a component at 15$ that is 75k. The marketplace should be affordable. Right now IMO it’s not. Especially if you need to add 3 or 4 components to your app. It’s just my opinion, and no doubt others will have different opinions from me and so forth. :slight_smile:

You also say ‘we are also launching 25+ new components’ which got me excited thinking ADALO has launched those and they would be free ones, nope. All paid ones.


I purchased one paid component today (Action Menu) and have already experienced great troubles with it. Simply doesn’t work on IOS. Tried the gamut of troubleshooting - deleting component, re-building, different test-flights… it all has the same wonky result of the pop out in the middle squished.

IOS: (1)


WEB (works)

I’ll go through support, but curious about the conversation on here as well since it was launch day.

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Spectacular! :star_struck:

The New Marketplace is cool! Lot of Components. It’s time to Upgrade our apps :wink:


I hear you. I like free stuff too. Tagging @briggsy and @robertbigspark since y’all said something similar.

We are still working on free components, but this was a big undertaking (there is a lot of complexity involved in building a global marketplace which includes a lot of rules to follow) and we believe that this will have the highest impact on our business (so we can invest in some important areas that only we can work on) and on the success of app makers businesses. So, we intentionally focused on this before focusing on more free components. This release opens up the door for a lot more components to be developed and maintained. Because when we release a component, we not only build it, but we have to maintain it, update it, troubleshoot it, squash bugs, etc. It’s “free” for y’all, but it costs a lot of time for us. When a third party developer builds a component, they take on the responsibility for it. Therefore, they deserve to be paid. They also set the price for their components, not us. So if you have issue with the price of the component, speak with them. But we know the value in free components, so we have a team dedicated to components (that’s who has been working on this). Now that this has launched, that team will be freed up to work on other things.

Taking my “Adalo Staff” hat off, here’s my perspective. My background is ecommerce, and I’m a user of Shopify. I don’t see this as a gamer DLC model because I’m not a gamer. I’m not sure what that is, so I’m comparing this to ecommerce because I think the two are very similar. I don’t know how familiar the people on this forum are with Shopify, but when I first came to Adalo my initial reaction was how affordable the product is. I may have a different perspective than most, but Shopify is very expensive (along with all their competitors). Their cheapest plan costs $30 a month for 1 website. And you HAVE to use apps to accomplish what you need to run your business. Shopify apps aren’t buy once and use as many times across as many websites as you want. It’s a monthly or annually recurring payment for that 1 website. And the cheapest apps are usually around $20 a month. Shopify has stolen successful app ideas and built them internally to give users for “free” but then you lack the dedicated support for that feature and they tick off the app developer, and not to mention, even some of their Shopify developed apps have paywalls. So to run one full fledged ecommerce store well, you’re likely gonna be paying $100 a month or more just for the basic functions you need. This basic website of mine is about $100 a month. Sales are very minimal right now, so it hurts to pay that. This one I built and managed a while back on BigCommerce costs $600 a month. I got it to $250,000 in revenue (I don’t run it anymore, so IDK what it does now), so it didn’t hurt as bad, but $600 a month is still a lot. And that doesn’t include what you need to spend on marketing. So my perspective of Adalo is viewed through that lense, and I see it as a very affordable alternative to hiring a traditional developer. In regard to the component marketplace, when I saw that this was a one time purchase, my mind was blown.

I say all this just to offer a different perspective. It may help, it may not help. I understand things from your perspective, too. Stuff adds up. And if you are a startup building on Adalo and you only have 1 app, then it can get expensive in the grand scheme of things. We are looking into our pricing structure to better help those who don’t need unlimited apps. It’s in its preliminary stages so I can’t say much more than that. But I can say it will be in your best interest.


That stinks. I really love that component. Yeah, go through support first.

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I hear what you’re saying and I appreciate you responding. I understand Adalos pro plan is a great price, I never disputed that. I guess, just like it seems, everyone was mislead into what these massive changes were going to be.

Everyone was expecting big changes to the core product and got nothing but a catagorised list of private components that were probably being put on hold to be released externally and individually through the creators to instead list them on your new marketplace.

I think in the entire time I’ve been apart of Adalo which is close to a year now, the only changes I’ve seen have been Collections Permissions and And/Or logic… I joined right around the time of you guys announcing a large investment deal and it seems nothing is really happening at all.

You may very well be working on plenty of things but who’s to know? Communication is basically non existent with the community.

To look forward to “big changes” for weeks then to wake up to a glorified list of paid components really rubs the wrong way after months and months of paying users highlighting what needs to be improved and what the community is looking for in your core product.

I’ve still got faith in you guys and still highly value Adalos product as it is, but the community is getting fed up and either need improvements asap or more transparency and dialogue from your team on where you’re taking this company. I see it every single day on the forums.


That’s a fair analysis. We may not have communicated the launch in the best way. I’ll take that feedback into our next launch. :raising_hand_man: I’ll also take the blame for that since I handle our social media.

I started at the end of last year, and one of my primary focuses has been on improving our communication. Two initiatives I’m doing is a monthly update and a monthly town hall. That’s in addition to our changelog (which I played a part in bringing to y’all). I take our communities feedback on communication seriously.

I can’t speak into what every person on our team is doing every day, but I know it involves our public roadmap (GPS is a big one, component marketplace was a big one, etc.), and just like every other software company, we are always working on security and performance (those two things are never ending in the life of a software developer). We have to walk a fine line of communicating what needs to be communicated, but also not communicating certain things because we also have competitors in the market and we need to maintain a competitive advantage to survive. I’ll be honest, it’s a tough line to walk. Our marketing and education team is working really hard on our Adalo App Academy (which is where most of my time is spent day to day).

As to the funding, I’m always confused when people bring that up because I wasn’t there during that time, and I’m not our finance guy. Idk what we spend money on, nor should I know haha. From my deduction, what I do know is that before funding we had 12 staff members. Now, we have 34. That’s where I’m guessing the funding is going :laughing:. The people we hire are our greatest assets.


But I am always open to feedback on how we can do better at communicating!

Good stuff Jesse. I look forward to the Academy and the learning resources. Well tomorrow is a new day, I try not to complain on the forums but gotta vent some frustrations at least once! I just want Adalo to be as awesome as it can be.

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Haha I don’t take things personally. People are really passionate about Adalo. I’m thankful for that. Thank you for sharing!


Just a thought, since you brought up pricing structure…

preface: I have been playing with Adalo for a while. I am not a payed user, yet.
Perhaps you can share my input with the team. I know this idea /feature has already been suggested

It would be awesome if the FREE plan could have more space.

I don’t feel like writing a book justifying my logic. Trust me: your service will be 10x better, for multiple reasons, from multiple angles. Just use some empathy. I am asking your team to think / brainstorm about it. Not trying to get something for free, here - trying to push humanity forward.

Adalo should play the long game. Earn trust. Your opportunity is huge & fragile, with lots of competitors. Thank you.

p.s. try using some breaks in your paragraph. I’m getting old. tough to read.

If I’m not mistaken, I think we did increase the free plan to have more space. It was 50 spaces and now it’s 200.


Whoa! great! Thanks for letting me know. I can experiment more, learn Adalo more…

what a bottle neck that was. Thanks!!

I have to say I think the component market place is great. It may not be everything everyone wants out of the box on day 1, but the potential is huge.

Regarding some of the comments on price, let me add my perspective:
I used to work for a company in the City of London where I built similar products to that which are built on Adalo, I had 21 developers/designers working for me and to have my team build something as comprehensive as that which can be built on Adalo (including all the backend etc) would cost around $4-5m per annum.
So, to be charged an almost laughably small amount for both the monthly subscription and then any add-on components is the bargain of the centuary!

I admit the performance isn’t the best, and needs some love, but it’ll come (it has to, otherwise another disruptive startup will come along with a similar Adalo type product and start stealing market share)


:flushed: that’s a lot of money.

Yes on the performance. 100% agree. I believe it will come. And that’s a fair analysis for if it doesn’t come. I’m hoping to shed some more light on this soon.