Adalo Improvements

I realise there is a feature request section, but I feel that it becomes redundant due to it relying on having to create small individual requests for every single little thing I come across. Also it relys too much on how many other users are active on there and the size of the userbase within Adalo. Just because it doesn’t have overwhelming upvotes, doesn’t mean it isn’t a crucial/valid improvement.

Here’s a list I’ve been compiling and will add to, of improvements/problems I’ve come across in my time here. Staff can ignore it or take from it, I just don’t want to waste time writing out 50 different feature/improvement requests in such a spammy manner.

First set

  • Ability to set the size for multi-line text inputs
  • Have a “default value” for photo picker component - Which can be set as the users current display pic, or whatever else. (Improves replacing/editing photo uploads)
  • Ability to set the size of the upload fields within a defult form
  • Ability to set line height for multi-line rendered text
  • Ability to just show the year when selecting date format for dates
  • Ability to format selected parts of text only. E.g - (Username: [Magic text]) - Make “Username:” bold and magic text something else. It eliminates the need for having to create two seperate text elements
  • Improved guides for element placement (Adobe XD level of auto space calculation)
  • Show a different default tabbar/ or tabbar tabs based on which user is logged in
  • Dark mode on forums needs alternative white ADALO logo (For the love of my OCD)
  • Ability to remove [First Name] OR [Username] from Users collection but never both
  • Ability to change the height (spacing) between default form submit buttons and the last form field
  • Force selected app wide fonts to move over when making a copy of your app
  • Ability to change the size of a default button (Sometimes you want to change the size of the button and not have to make the font larger)
  • Ability to change font weight of default form labels (And any other displayed text where this isn’t an option)

You are on “fire” now, lots of ideas and hopes.

But let me do another case to make it balance,

Adalo has to make a balance pricing, if they force too much effort on product excellence and becoming too expensive then nobody will come, so the whole product will not be relevant.

I will give you hypothetic pricing, if paid plan become $500 per month, and limited to just 50 users’ records, and additional users’ records will be $5 each per month too.

But they include all the above design requests.

And for performance, to be hosted alone without sharing, it would be $3000 monthly.

(please be aware, this is all just imaginative, don’t quote partially)

How many of current Adalo’s customers would be willing to spend that kind amount of money ?

So, I think they are very careful to spend money to just make the runway longer so maybe the timing would be just right to hit the jackpot as one of the very few survivors. :grinning:

I really don’t think I’m asking for too much here? These are simple overlooked improvements, which in my option should be available out of the box.

I’m not asking them to develop entire components with weeks or months of work.

Although I’m a no-coder, I work at an I.T company as a front end designer with knowledge of how systems are developed with code. I know how easy or difficult these changes are to be made.

I get it, the real work would be way below that numbers.

But the thinking process would be like that.

But I support everything that makes Adalo a better product, it is just we are dealing with careful company. :grinning:

I understand what you are saying but I don’t think it applies to this simple list of quality of life improvements for their paying customers. You don’t need to restructure pricing and hire a developer to work for months to make a multi-line input resizeable. Let’s be realistic here.

If I was to ask for built-in facial recognition components and other drastic components, then yeah, sure. But absolutely not for anything listed above. (With the exception of the Adobe XD level of element guided placement)

Edit: Like many of us here, we are greateful for the service Adalo provides, but we are also putting massive faith in them to provide excellent service and be here for a long time. We all have dreams of making successful apps where the amount Adalo charges for monthly/yearly subscriptions won’t matter in the scheme of things if our apps are as successful as we hope they will be.

If we build a great app and Adalo goes broke or decides to pack up and leave, we are all screwed. Respect and dependance goes both ways here. Adalo depends on us as a paying customer and we depend on them to exist and to provide the service that the customer needs.


I’ve been using Adalo for a day and was bummed when I didn’t see an option to adjust line-height. Hope we get the option soon.

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