Logic and Custom Actions

I have been a loyal Adalo user since the beginning, but I must say that the platform’s logic needs significant improvement at this point. While they claim we can build any app, the limitations in 2023 are quite frustrating.

The lack of logic improvements and the focus on pricing and usage over platform functionality have led me to the decision to leave Adalo and not renew my plan. The components available feel half-made, and the instructions for creating customizable components in the marketplace often fall short, restricting us from fully customizing styles and colors.

One of the major disappointments is the Adalo form, which allows many-to-many relationships but lacks the necessary features to manage them effectively. This forces users like me to spend extra time building custom forms with required features.

Furthermore, I invested in the rich text editor component, but it proved to be disappointing as it lacks essential functionalities like images, clickable text links, and proper aesthetics in read-only mode. I feel like I wasted money on these components instead of hiring a professional developer.

Sadly, it seems like Adalo ignores users’ concerns, leaving us paying a lot for little in return. The lack of support from Adalo experts and delays in resolving issues add to the frustration.

I invite anyone to prove me wrong, but I haven’t found a way to build a knowledge base with clickable links using the rich text editor. Despite investing thousands of dollars, I am left dissatisfied and told to hire a real developer for high-scale app development.

For these and many other reasons, I’ve decided to move on from Adalo and hope others will raise their concerns about the core functionality as well. It’s disheartening to see long-standing feature requests ignored in favor of new additions that may not align with users’ needs. Adalo’s direction of relying on third-party components and actions only adds to the expenses and may not be the solution users are looking for.

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