Adalo Ipad not showing

I am trying to make an app that can be used on both mobile and ipads. Mobile is working fine. When i try to preview the app via an Ipad it is showing this screen with a mini iphone on it (see pic attatched). I even tried publishing it as a progressive web app and still getting same result. Anyone know how to make my adalo app work for Ipad?

The previewer share link works up to 889 pixels. Once the device/browser hits 890+, it displays like the screenshot you’ve provided.

In order to use a PWA on an iPad, you have to create the app as a desktop PWA instead of a native mobile app.

Ok thanks. Can I have one app on mobile and one as desktop PWA with a shared database? Will they be able to work together?

Yep, you can do that.

The only thing is that it’s not currently possible to clone a native app as a desktop app, so you’d have to copy and paste all screens from one app to the other and relink all navigation links.

Awesome. Thank you for the help.

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