Adalo Loading Speed (Noticed Something)

I wanted to drop a note here of something I noticed as it pertains to loading speeds. I’ve been having very bad app performance since the beginning, and something was just brought to my attention by a user. The entire app actually moves flawlessly, everything moves actually very quickly: as long as you don’t visit one specific screen, which happened to previously be my Home screen. And what do you know, I changed my home screen to a different screen, and I can literally very rapidly and repeatedly click buttons to navigate screen to screen to screen throughout the entire app, and with the new instant navigation performance updates to the platform, everything FLIES…until you click to that one screen. Then the entire app seems to just be way behind and starts lagging screen to screen to screen until you close the app and restart. I ran about 100 test runs through the app and noticed the instant navigation is very quick, as long as everything on that screen has effectively finished loading. But if there is anything that has not finished loading yet, you’ll get the pinwheel on whatever you click on and the pinwheel for everything that is still loading, and upon finishing loading everything on the screen you are trying to get away from, THEN it will navigate.

My question to Adalo: to continue boosting performance on your end, is it possible to change this to immediately stop loading everything on that page and move forward once someone tries to navigate away from it, rather than the user having to wait for everything to finish loading (assuming there’s no actual actions or anything that need to process)? Especially when internet speeds start to slow, navigating screen to screen significantly slows too because the app is still trying to load everything on the original screen, and it could be 5-10+ seconds of the user just waiting for the next screen to even begin loading. I find that if you click anything in the app even just one time before everything on the current screen completely loads, the entire app just gets really far behind until you sit dormant for about 10 sec to let it completely catch up.

*I will also add, I have an almost identical screen to this home screen, minus one single thing: a many to many list at the top with only a few records. The other screen navigates perfectly like everything else, but this one single list on the home screen basically slows the entire app to a halt temporarily, even a few seconds after it appears to have fully loaded on the front end. I’ve heard they can be bad for performance, but I didn’t realize that one avatar list was having such an effect on the entire app. When I remove it and test, I have 0 problems

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Can I see your app? Let me test

Here’s a video, watch the navigator. Everything is instant up until you go to the home screen, and from then on everything is significantly slowed down. You’ll notice too, all of the data on those same screens is still loaded when it finally gets to the screens, but because the one screen threw it off track its crawling trying to catch back up. Obviously no user would be sporadically clicking like that this is just a demonstration, but if you were to click on any button on the home screen within the first several seconds of navigating to it (even if it’s your fifth time on that screen this session), especially any action that connects to the database, its even worse than this.


Oh I see. That’s because it’s a PWA. It’s a much better UX on a native app

I like your use of dark mode. I’m building my product on dark mode too. Can I have some overview of your design guidelines?

Haha nah it’s a native app this is just a screen recording from the editor in adalo. The problem is even more pronounced on iOS, and android it basically crashes the app (an android user was the one that noticed it cause it’s so bad on android once you touch that Home Screen). And thank you man, hit me separately I can share with you!

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