Latest Performance Updates

I’m super excited to announce the latest performance updates!

Check out all the details (including awesome videos) here :point_right: Adalo’s Performance Updates

TL;DR of everything that launched:

  1. Dramatically faster initial list loading times
  2. Instant navigation
  3. Improved loading experiences
  4. Improved create record speed

Any new app you build from here on out will get these improvements automatically. For your existing apps, make sure you do the following:

  1. Enable “Load Items as User Scrolls” on all lists with lots of records (found under “Advanced Options”
  2. For native iOS and Android apps, run a new build after completing step 1

But we aren’t stopping here… We’ll be back soon with some more exciting improvements! Stay tuned!


Great! I hope this will work for all.

I mean the “load scroll” option its known, but i will test the create action button speeds.

Thank You @jessehaywood

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Great, amazing, Keep going that’s what we love to hear!

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Noticing some improvements so far.

Doing some new builds to fully test - iOS build is failing - submitted a ticket for: 'Your certificate ‘ABCDE123F.cer’ is not valid, please check end date and renew it if necessary"

Thanks for the update! I would request in the future you do more frequent, smaller updates on progress - leave us less in the dark. :slight_smile:


Awesome work Adalo!!! boom

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@jessehaywood that’s awesome! Can’t wait to try it out on my app that was just went live for the first time today!

Just want to confirm though, for instant navigation that has a number of actions attached before the link, those actions WILL be completed BEFORE the final screen is show, correct? For example, I’m using a custom action to make an API call which updates a user field which must be populated before the next screen is shown.

ALSO, I have some conditional actions that will link to DIFFERENT screens depending on the results of the action or a particular collection field. How will that play out with the changes?


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Yes, in general, actions of all types have always completed before any link actions complete, and that is still the case, so everything should still work just as it always has. With conditional link actions specifically, you may not see instant navigation happen in some cases with those because we ultimately decided to always default to protecting the functionality of your app to make sure that didn’t change unexpectedly. In certain cases where the logic gets too messy, this means we simply forgo the new instant-screen-change functionality to ensure all that logic plays out nicely. One note I’ll share is that I have found in my own apps while working on this is that there were lots of times I was putting too much logic on link actions that could be moved elsewhere such as screen actions on the following screen, and it provided a smoother user experience. Something to consider as you think about structuring your apps.


I wonder if it’s related to this update, but I have a web app and any custom lists I create right now show up for a split second then disappear.

Anyone having this issue?

Thank you! working faster, no issues so far.

Turning off the “Load as you scroll” seemed to fix it.

Just FYI @jessehaywood

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wow! What a great news!! right now I start to update everything … a great advance!

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Great thank you for the explanation

ohhhh wow you just made my day, I did not test anything yet but still got excited :heart_eyes:

Wow, I’m very happy for this :grinning:
Some of my apps are already far better with these new tweaks!
One step at a time, but the road is the right one :ok_hand:

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This is great, Jesse! Keep it up :rocket:

Hi @adalojosh , with new changes I found this bug, that screen change is happening before completion of tasks, and on top of it, screen bounce back and fourth multiple times, also causing actions to be repeated multiple times. This is a big issue already seen and already reported.

This is one serious bug. Please follow up ASAP.

Ticket reference is as follows,

Date submitted: 6/28/22
Reference number: 975620156
Issue: Background Actions on a button are Executed Multiple Times (Bad Bug).

My backgroud action is creating multiple Notifications after new change is implemented.

Mobile screen shot is as follows,

This is really amazing. I work with Adalo and have been playing around with the changes and seeing the difference is night and day. Really proud of what the engineering team has accomplished.


You mean existing apps have to re-make their apps from scratch again???

Nah @Presh, allow me to clarify a little bit for you.

“Rebuild” means to create a new app version for mobile devices, not a whole new app.

Any time you make changes to a native mobile app, you have to create a new build and submit that as the update.

Here’s more information on what the “build” is:

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your feedback

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