Adalo platform/account not working anymore?

hi all, when I log in I dont see my Adalo projects anymore… I am asked to create a new project. What is going on? anyone else facing this problem?

kind regards Elianne

I am able to login just fine.

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I can log in fine as well.
I know this might be an obvious question, but check you’re signed into the right account. Maybe you have two accounts :man_shrugging:

I recommend you email, although they may not get back to you immediately because, well, Adalo is a small company with a big effort to change no-code.

Another thing you could do is DM an Adalo team member in this forum. They’re usually pretty active here, that might work.

I’ve also heard this has been happening to other people. It seems to be a bug. Look at this forum post for more info.

WARNING: APPs disappear… Anyone else?

Hi @Elianne, please let me know if you are still experiencing this issue. I will be able to look into it further for you.

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Hi Colin, yes still facing the issue. Really hope you can help me!! I raised another ticket today and I am now really panicking that all my work will be lost. Thanks so much for your help!!

Kind regards, Elianne

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