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Hello !

See the power of Adalo,

I have created a TRON coin wallet on the Adalo platform.

You can try it out at the link below!

TRON Wallet

I know it’s poorly designed, but I built it in 30 minutes.

Always remember while using this wallet, that it is only for showing it to the Adalo community.
Please don’t use it to store your crypto.
I may delete or disable this app at any time.
Thus, we have absolved our responsibility towards you.

Note: You can try it with a small amount of TRX coin.

Next app will be Swap tokens on Tron Network. :see_no_evil:

Thanks !! :smiley:


Can I buy your app? I need that for my project

Send to me Personal message.

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Hi! This looks cool! I sent you a PM.