Adalo Power, [Multi-Chain Cryptocurrency Wallet] BTC,ETH,TRX!

Hi Everyone!

So, today i’m gonna share with you my last project on Adalo!

Multi Chain Cryptocurrency Wallet

  • BTC Wallet, ETH Wallet, TRX Wallet!
  • Send and Receive BTC, ETH, TRX!

THIS WALLET NOT FOR USE, PLEASE DON’T TRY TO DEPOSIT ANY ASSETS, But, You can try it with a little amount of any supported currency like (Bitcoin, ETH, TRX) To SEE how it works :sunglasses:

Here’s the project:

Crypto Wallet

For those wondering about users’ privacy:

Option 1: Private Keys and Phrases Words can be “encrypted” using the Encryption Toolkit from PragmaFlow Developer Talk
before it reaches the adalo database.

option 2: “Send secret keys to the user’s mail” can be used without saving them in the Adalo database.
before it reaches the adalo database.

There are many ways to keep customers’ privacy and security.

However, there is one important thing for Adalo’s team to do. (The ability to download the application before uploading it to the Apple Store) so that users can read the source code for the application) to feel more comfortable!


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