Banking app Template

Anyone have their own banking template/ wallet/ crypto design I can copy for inspiration?

Hi @iGotDinero,

I think @pford has made some great crypto apps.

Any way I can clone them?

Please don’t. if @pford has crypto apps that do more than give market prices or wallet lookups in Adalo, please shut them down.


@ntlinyousef built a wallet and posted it in the app showcase (I think it was ntlin), I asked it be shut down but it seems still active. Maybe contact him, against my strong recommendation.

If you’re saying don’t close it without his permission of course I won’t do that

No, I’m saying don’t store crypto/banking info adalo, or any other no-code platform, or with any run of the mill dev house. You need people who know what their doing, and that costs lots of money.

If crypto exchanges worth hundreds of millions can get hacked, and adalo got 8M in funding, do the math.

Scroll through the list and tell me who is ensuring your crypto tokens don’t get stole.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in Adalo, we support adalo, but don’t put banking/credit card/crypto in adalo. Put todo lists and deliveries.

I’ve worked in large banks at a high level.


I don’t wanna create a crpyto/ banking app I just wann see a design/UI of a crypto/banking app

My crypto apps are for monitoring nodes and wallets only (which all anonymous and public information already), not custodying funds or storing private keys. I would highly recommend not trying to build any custody crypto solution on Adalo.