The Most Powerful Blockchain App Made on Adalo! [Exchange, Wallet]

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to share with you a cryptocurrency wallet + cryptocurrency exchange.

You can exchange coins on the TRON network, store TRX and TRC20 Tokens in your wallet, etc.

I will be adding “Buy Cryptocurrencies” soon.

I haven’t published it yet on the App Store or Google Play because I am now doing a way to save sensitive information like “Private Keys, Mnemonic, Wallet ID” on the wallet user’s device only using Local Storage tool + data encryption before it reaches Adalo database.

You can try it here:
Nyx Wallet

Anyone who views this content and would like to join me in creating, developing, and publishing this wallet.
You can contact me via Adalo messages Or through my Twitter account

My Twitter Account

As for the design, I will wait for your reviews. Please, share with me any errors or problems you find.



Woow, this is great the app look fantastic

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Good job @YousefAbubaker ! Love it!

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@Jeorge, Thank you!

@Boglex, Thanks!

great app smooth i will be using this as my wallet now

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you have created this app with adalo ?