Adalo’s iOS iPad Problem


I’ve build my app and I was publishing it on App Store but Apple refused my app because it don’t run in iPad. When I try it on “preview mode” its running with no problem but when I downloaded it on TestFlight the app don’t run. How Can I fix this?

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I got the same rejection when I submited the testflight.

Review device details:

  • Device type: iPad
  • OS version: iOS 14.3

Steps leading to crash:

  • The app crashed after logging in.
  • Subsequently, the app crashes on launch.
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Someone find the resolution to this problem?

I have reported this issue to the development team but it may help to have some additional info.

What happens leading up to the crash? (What steps are taken?)

Which OS version is running on the ipad?

Are you running it in portrait or landscape mode?

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I just open the TestFlight app to see my app in iPad and the app instantly close. But when I put it in preview mode, it works normally.

The version on iPad is iPad Mini. When I sent the app to the App Store review they say that this version brokes when they try to openned it.

I’m running it on landscape mode.

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